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phi · los · o · phy: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence; the love of knowledge, or wisdom…

“Human beings began to do philosophy, even as they do now, because of wonder, at first because they wondered about the strange things right in front of them, and then later, advancing little by little, because they came to find greater things puzzling.”

Aristotle – Metaphysics

“How Things Work” is a six-part book series considering the essence of Human Reality. This FREE Weekly Newsletter explores and comments on the book series chapter by chapter, starting with Book One: Dualism. Beginning with the “apple” in the Garden of Eden and ending with the “Apple” Corporation in Cupertino, CA. Learn the roots of Western Reality by learning the roots of Western philosophy, metaphysics, science, religion and social science. Subscribe to get full access to the Free Newsletter and website, featuring a complete archive of all past Free Newsletters. Experience the assurance, strength, and self-confidence that comes from really knowing and understanding How Things Work!

We have just completed our Consideration of Book I: “Dualism – Understanding the Patterns of Reality” and are Currently Considering Book II: “The Power of Three – Understanding Reality Through Science & Religion.”

Many are concerned with whether science or religion is the true path to wisdom and enlightenment. However, the real question should be “why do human beings use both to bring turmoil and violence into the world?” Christianity, a religion founded on peace, sacrifice, and forgiveness, becomes a source for war, power, and retribution. Science, an empirical discipline created to explore the mysteries of the universe, becomes the source for weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying those very mysteries. The question of truth and wisdom is not the domain of either science or religion; it is ultimately the domain of the human mind. Perhaps, we should consider starting there, first.”

– Frank Elkins

(Not affiliated, or associated with the Illuminati, or Any Other secret society or lodge, political party, or religion. All Views & Beliefs are Welcome!)

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How Things Work: A Brief History of Reality is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Understanding Reality One Week At A Time!


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